Exceptional customer service and exceptional local resources.
Canaday Custom Homes’ staff pride ourselves on customer service, and we work to build lasting relationships with our customers. We want to assure you that your dream home will be exactly how you envision it. To make that happen, we’re attentive to you and your needs, staying in touch with you throughout the design and building process.  And when we need to, we draw on our extended network of local design firms, interior designers, and other professionals to be sure your home is picture-perfect when you move in.

We’re proud that the Greensboro Home Builders Association proclaimed Canaday Custom Homes a gold medal award builder. That means we were ranked among the best of the best in quality, design, creative aspects, layout, and innovative ideas by a highly accomplished group of construction professionals—architects, Realtors®, builders, and others.

Truly custom construction with sensible advice from seasoned professionals. 
Masonry framed homes can be designed in any shape or size. The versatility and flexibility is unlimited, allowing for a huge array of curves and angles, texture, color and size options. Add to those choices all the ideas you’ll have for finishing touches, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with decision-making. From the concept through to the final walk-through, we’ll give you our best advice and help you sort through your options quickly and efficiently.

Environmental concerns met without breaking the bank.
Interested in “greening” your home? Our market studies have shown that while most people are concerned about the environment, a totally green home can be out of financial reach for many.  To support you in your efforts to conserve energy and natural resources, we help you make choices that lead to a truly energy-efficient home.  Masonry construction is a great start, and modern technologies from tankless water heaters and Energy Star® appliances to radiant heat add efficiency while reducing your negative impact on the earth.

Why build a Canaday Custom Homes concrete masonry-framed home?

  • Versatile design options for interior and exterio
  • 40-60% more energy efficient than wood-framed
  • Resistant to fire, wind, insect, and mold damage
  • Quieter than wood-framed
  • Lower insurance premiums, up to 25% less than wood-framed
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Solid investment for the long-term
  • Environmentally friendly building materials

Canaday Custom homes has an unlimited building license. All homes have a 2-10 warranty; a two year warranty on systems and appliances, and a 10 year warranty on the structure. Visit this link to learn more about the home warranty: www.2-10.com.

Greensboro Home Builders Association has proclaimed
Canaday Custom Homes a gold medal award builder.
Unlimited building license number: 50885