Building a new home is an adventure!  There are literally thousands of decisions to make and months before a home is ready for move-in.  Along with our trusted local partners, we strive to make your home-building process as low-stress and pleasant for you as possible. 

Donnie Canaday puts it this way, “This isn’t MY dream home we’re building.  I’m just a tool to help you build YOUR dream home and make it all possible.” 

Step 1:  Meet and Plan
We believe your home is a reflection of what you want for your family, so we want to be sure we build a home that will fit your family’s current and future needs to a “t.”  Before we do anything else, we meet with you to find out what you want in a new home, explore ideas with you, and plan for all of the functional requirements you’re seeking in your new home design. 

Step 2:  Design Interior
We prioritize your wish list, sharing the top 10 “must-haves” with our trusted partner design firms or your chosen design firm.  Based on your requirements for flow, usage zones, size, and so on, we work closely with the design firm to design a floorplan for your new home.  You have the opportunity to critique and adjust the floorplan until it is exactly what you want.

Step 3:  Design Exterior
After the floorplan is finalized, we design the exterior of your new home so it has all the curb appeal you’ve imagined.  We coordinate closely with the design firm to create an elevation of your property, taking into account not only your design ideas and the interior floorplan, but also zoning issues, lot size, lot grading, foliage, and so on.

Step 4:  Build
Once you’ve signed off on the interior and exterior plans for your home, permitting is complete, and financial details are arranged, we’re off and running.  For the duration of the six to eight months it will take to construct your home, we stay in touch with you via weekly meetings on site so you see exactly what’s being done and how. 

Canaday Custom homes has an unlimited building license. All homes have a 2-10 warranty; a two year warranty on systems and appliances, and a 10 year warranty on the structure. Visit this link to learn more about the home warranty:

Greensboro Home Builders Association has proclaimed
Canaday Custom Homes a gold medal award builder.
Unlimited building license number: 50885